Quality coffees

We offer green coffee (arabica and robusta), regular and decaffeinated , roasted in beans and ground, as well as soluble, both in powder and agglomerate.

Each of the products we make goes through strict quality controls in our laboratories.

Our production processes are endorsed by the most prestigious certifications in the sector.

About us

CAFIVER is the largest privately owned coffee industrializer and marketer in Mexico and one of the main exporters in the country.

35 years of experience and innovation support us.

We act as a socially responsible company and we take care of the environment permanently.

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Cafiver Blog | All about coffee

The CAFIVER blog is an interesting and attractive section that will deal with everything related to the world of coffee. Regardless of whether your interest is to know more about the versatile product as a passionate consumer of this drink, or as an important input for your business; informative content will be of great use to everyone. see more

Our brands

CAFIVER. Our flagship brand is the gourmet coffee of the house that has the selection of the best coffee beans in Mexico, in both regular and decaffeinated presentations; roasted and ground beans, with different varieties of flavor to satisfy all tastes. 

Specialty, House Blend, Premium, HB Plus, Morning Blend and Espresso.

LIVED. 100% Arabica gourmet coffee; roasted and ground beans, regular and decaffeinated. Award-winning mug recognized for its flavor, aroma and body.

ALTEZZA.   It is our brand of coffee in single-dose capsules, with an unmistakable long-lasting flavor to obtain a dense and creamy texture. Three flavor intensities: Isabel (espresso), Victoria (lungo), and Catalina (decaffeinated).

BLACK CAFIVER COFFEE.  100% pure, regular and decaffeinated agglomerated soluble coffee.

CONTINENTAL . 100% pure and mixed agglomerated soluble coffee, regular and decaffeinated.

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